Theme updated and Commissions!

Hi everyone! Just updated the theme for this blog (opinions are welcomed) and I’ve finally decided to open up theme commissions after a few of my friends convinced me to :-) 

The form is up on one of my links, and I’ll be fully opening them later next week.

hydranger whispered: No please do! I'd love one!

would you really? o:

tbh i wouldnt know how to price anything

maomuthemes whispered: maybe you should consider accepting donations? i'm considering that myself... i'd like to make some money from my themes, but people aren't really buying these days


ok i guess i shouldnt then LOL

kuramocchii whispered: Hi, I really love your jiikan theme, but is there a way to show the post's caption?

hi! thanks so much c:

there is, but it requires extra coding and i don’t really want to explain

however, you could look in some of my more recent themes and look at the part of the code between {block:ifShowCaption} and {/block:ifShowCaption}

how would anyone feel if i started doing theme commissions?

tsunderimas whispered: I just wanted to say that I'm using your Aesthetic theme which is absolutely wonderful! Keep the good work! uvu

thank you so much! c:

oishii-senpai whispered: Hi! I'm using Tsuujite and its really elegant ^.^ I want to add a transparent picture to the side of my blog and I have tried multiple tutorials but idk why, its not working.... is there a certain html code to put under the <body> that's not in the other tutorials I attempted?

i have a small tutorial on my faq of my main blog that may help you

jungotori whispered: hi! im using your ethereal theme and i just wanted to say that it's super nice and i like it a lot! ^^

thank you so much!! it means a lot c:

erendipity whispered: hello there!! i'm currently using the mirai theme and i was wondering if i could put a custom favicon instead of my avatar? i'm not really sure how to do it. thank you!!

this tutorial should help!