imino-kuukyo whispered: i'm using your theme, "ethereal" on mozilla firefox and i am using the gray scale but the image didn't appear... and.. for music player code, where do i put it? .-. thank youuu i love your theme, xoxo

im not sure firefox supports it but ill see what i can do!


sorry to say im taking a full year hiatus on like everything i do (themes too so asks most likely won’t be answered) i just can’t have the time to make a queue (bc i make it so difficult for myself why even) either maybe so i’ll see you around once in a blue moon

z1co whispered: Hey, i wanna thank you for those awesome themes and i just want you to know that theme Tsuzuki has a simple mistake that made the follow/dash/customize buttons disappear, at the very end of the code you mistakingly added "<b" which cause that! anyway, thank you again.

ahh thanks for telling me!! i saw others were having this problem

waifuwave420 whispered: did you release the theme you use on shoseii? and if not do you ever plan to?

nope and nope

jongtacular whispered: all i want to say is that. all your themes are soo kawaii and cool!! pls dont stop making them!

ilu thank u so much c:

stolenpersephone whispered: Hi, I'm using your Ethereal theme for one of my sideblogs and I've just noticed the permalink button for the post's source actually links to the blog itself (the "via" links work fine). I don't know if someone has pointed it out already...? I could mess around to try and fix it but I'm afraid I'll just screw it up. Anyway, your themes are beautiful~

wait are you sure bc the permalink button is the date

is anyone else having this problem

Announcement 8.16.14

To anyone using Tsuzuki, please repaste the code. I just recently updated it on my phone and it messed up everything, so now I re-edited it. It should fix all the problems people are seeing.


oh yeah i needed to make this announcement


azbees whispered: post/93788466244/shoseii I'm using the theme on the blog "benjandan" if that helps!

everything looks alright to me? :o try repasting the code

azbees whispered: Ah, it's fine! I just wish I could help in some way more than just letting you know about it! I've tried hovering but that doesn't work, and I looked at the code but I'm not familiar with photoset coding so I couldn't figure out what was up.

i think it should be working now i just asked my friend to check it out!